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The Tower Hamlets Women’s Health Group is a one year pilot project which began in March 2020. It is funded by Tower Hamlets’ Public Health team, as part of the reproductive health programme. The project is split into two phases, aiming to create genuine engagement with women living in Tower Hamlets aged 14-44 years, around what they need and want from women’s health services across the borough.


  1. Gather insights through community and digital outreach including survey responses from local women.

  2. Share anonymised feedback through social media channels, East London Maternity Voices, local groups such as Healthwatch, local media and press.

  3. Invite local residents and partners to feedback on their experiences of the reproductive health journey.

  4. Collate all insights and work with a smaller group of women to make sense of the issues emerging.


  1. Work with local women to prioritise and present issues at council level: sharing what has been working well, and what needs to change. 

  2. Ensure an open and ongoing cycle of engagement between service users and decision makers. 

  3. Set up a women’s reference group which is representative of local communities, and empowered to carry on engagement with decision makers. 

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